Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday thoughts at the Scotties

Wednesday thoughts at the Scotties

Deja vu all over again
Ho-hum, victories for Team Ontario, Manitoba and Team Canada last night. All three are 6-0 and barring an epic collapse, all three will be in the playoffs. They're just fighting it out for playoff position now.
Team Canada will play Manitoba at 2 p.m. today, which should be a dandy of a game and will help break up the log jam at the top of the standings. This will be the game where Heather Nedohin will lose her voice.
Team Ontario plays Saskatchewan at 2 p.m.

TSN stinkers
Poor TSN, they haven't really had a marquee match-up yet. They will get what should be a good game at 2 p.m., but at 7 p.m. their choice include Northwest Territories versus Alberta. Nova Scotia versus Newfoundland, British Columbia (which has already had a lot of air time this week) versus PEI and New Brunswick versus Quebec.
Except for PEI and BC (3-3), all of those teams have losing records.

30 for 30
Team Homan now has a streak of 30 consecutive wins after last night's win over Quebec. Count'em, 1,2,3,4...29, 30 for Team Ontario.

Kristie Moore sits one out
Going to a Scotties is supposed to be a dream come true. Too bad for Alberta, as it has become a nightmare. They are 0-6 after losing to Manitoba last night.
Alberta skip Kristie Moore sat the game out and and let alternate Renee Sonnenberg throw last stones.
I believe that Alberta is the deepest and most talented province when it comes to women's curling. Just unfortunate that Moore has struggled in the big time.
Here's what Sonnenberg had to say to Sun Media after the game:
Our goal was to make (Jones) make her last one and we did that. We made them make a ton of good shots. It seemed like every time we made a mistake, they made us pay for it.” said Sonnenberg, who stepped in when Moore asked out for a game.
Kristie was mentally exhausted. She just wasn't confident,” said Sonnenberg.

Brier preview that you can't refuse
I've never seen any of the Godfather movies. Just like the Lord of the Rings movies and Harry Potter, it's one of my pop culture blind spots.
Saying that, here is an early Brier preview from Team Koe that uses The Godfather as its inspiration. Well done boys. But I'm confused, why does Randy Ferby wake up with a horse's head in his bed?
Check out the preview here.
We won, we won
I missed most of last night's draw due to my own curling. I tell ya, it wasn't pretty. We won 9-7 but gave up a five-spot in the second end after we stole three in the first end. We grinded it out and came back for the win.

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