Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday morning random factoids from the Scotties

Monday morning random factoids from the Scotties

Here are a few more random thoughts about the Scotties Tournament of Hearts on an early Monday morning.

Montreal 2014
Kudos to the Canadian Curling Association for choosing Montreal as the host site for next year's Scotties.
It's a bit of a gamble, as Montreal is not prime territory for curling in this country, but there is nothing wrong on moving into a market like Montreal, which is a huge media market and could attract a new audience.
The Scotties hasn't been in Quebec since 1979. Plus, Kruger is probably one of the best sponsors in curling, so it's nice to acknowledge them and host an event in their backyard.
Also, next year is an Olympic year, so the interest for curling by non-curlers is always piqued. Why go to a curling hotbed when the iron is hot? It's probably better to go to large market like Montreal, Vancouver or a Toronto suburb such as Oshawa or Mississauga.
It might not generate the attendance as other mid-major cities such as London, Kingston, Red Deer or Charlottetown, but moving the Scotties to Montreal during an Olympic year is a strategic move.
If you're going to take a gamble, might as well gamble during an Olympic year.

Maurice Richard Arena
The arena in Montreal where the Scotties will be held next year is on the small side—4,750, so even if a crowd of about 1,000 comes out it won't look too empty, and if crowds are as big as they are in Kingston—in the 3,500 range, then it will look full. But the big thing is the television numbers.
One quick thing about the Maurice Richard Arena is the majority of the seats are at the sides. It will be interesting to see if they add temporary end seats for spectators next year.
The arena is not one of those spanking new arenas that host most of the curling Grand Slams and championships. It's almost 50 years old, so there will be no luxury boxes and no bells and whistles.
The Montreal arena hosted boxing and wrestling in the 1976 Olympics.

Nova Scotia
What is happening to Nova Scotia?
They don't look good at all.
They went into the Scotties as a dark horse playoff contender, but have stumbled to a 0-3 start.

On the other hand, Jennifer Jones' team has started out on fire, with a 3-0 record. The Jones Rink has an 87 percent shooting percentage, which is easily tops in the Scotties field, as Team Ontario is second at 81 percent.
They've been dominating so far.

TV games
It will be Nova Scotia versus Manitoba at the 2 p.m. draw and PEI versus Saskatchewan as the featured game on TSN at 7:30 p.m.
Hate to say it, but that Nova Scotia versus Manitoba game looks like a blow out in the making.
An interesting match during the 2 p.m. draw will be Team Homan of Ontario taking on Kelly Scott's B.C. squad. It will be Team Homan's first real test, as they've jumped out to a 3-0 start but haven't had to face a frontrunner yet.
UPDATE: TSN said on Monday morning that the 2pm feature game will now be Team Canada versus Quebec. 

Happy Family Day
It's Family Day here in Ontario, so I hope everyone out there has a nice day with their families.
I intend to hang out with the son and go for a workout at the YMCA and of course catch some women's curling action.
Some exciting family news as our family; (me, Mrs. Hurry Hard and super son and super daughter) have signed up for our first family bonspiel in March. Super daughter was too young to get the big rocks down the ice up until this year, but with some work she is not fairly consistent. I've curled with my son before and I've curled with my wife, but this will be first time all four of us have curled together.
Mrs. Hurry Hard might have to work that day, so I may have to recruit a member of Team Homan to step in for Mrs. Hurry Hard. We'll see how that goes.

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