Monday, 4 February 2013

Give me emotion

Emotion and passion are good things

Give me a broom slam. Give me shitballs.

I just wanted to weigh in quickly on Chris Schille controversy.
This past weekend Schille was kicked out a game and told to leave the building during a playoff game during the Saskatchewan provincial men's curling championship held in Melfort Saskatchewan.

I don't think either side agrees exactly what happened, but he was accused of saying a bad word or two, so the head official told him to leave. The curling world has a number of views on what transpired. His team was able to win without him.

I've seen a few takes.

Both are reasoned approaches,

I wrote up a 3,000 word rant on officials, curling, curling's status in the national psyche and media attention. It might see the light of day one day, but I scraped it and thought I would keep it simple.

As a somewhat curling neophyte fan, there is something I like. I like emotion. I like passion. I want players to have fun and show emotion. Last thing we need is for curling to turn into golf.

I understand curling etiquette and I understand the line you can cross into jerkdom, but if curling wants to attract viewers, then curling officals should allow personalities to shine through.

Curling gets compared to golf a lot of times. I like golf, but it's boring for a couple reasons.
  1. They're so good. It's rare to see a meltdown or a bad shot.
  2. They all look alike and and talk alike. It's hard to root for robots. It's corporate and boring. Why do you think John Daly is so beloved? It's because he's different.
Give me passion for the game. The occasional broom slam is okay, almost a good thing.

Who are some of the most popular curlers of the past 20 years? Colleen Jones. She had passion. Russ Howard. He had passion. Don't get me started on Edward Werenich.

People like personalities. They like colour. Why do people still talk about Alberta's Paul Goswell? A junior curling legend, he had personality.

Chances are I will be secretly cheering that Team Saskatchewan does well at The Brier next month. I like team with some character.

Who do you think I cheered for at the Scotties last year? Heather Nedohin. Know why? She had her emotions on her sleeve. Dropping a obscenity on live television endeared her to me. She's no robot.

Give me emotion and passion. Give me shitballs.

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