Thursday, 21 February 2013

Thursday morning Scotties thoughts Part II

Thursday morning Scotties thoughts Part II

Two amazing games this morning in Kingston.
To be honest, when Saskatchewan fell behind 5-1 after four ends, not only did I think that they were done for this game, but I thought their hopes for a playoff berth were out a window as well. Shumay fought back and stole four straight ends from Team Canada. It was impressive to see and showed a lot about what Jill Shumay is made out of.
In the other game, it was a great game with good decision making and some amazing shots.
I had written Jennifer Jones off going into this Scotties. I thought perhaps with the knee surgery and the time off this year, she was starting to be on the down-side of her career, but she has played lights out at this Scotties and it continued in this game. She was locked in and that was one heck of a curling clinic she ran this morning.

Through adversity...
I think the loss isn't the worst thing to happen to Homan. It will give them a little more fire in their bellies. Remember the Michael Jordan analogy I used a week ago? This is just another loss for Team Ontario. They will use the loss as motivation and as a learning experience.
They are still my pick to win it all. Remember, I picked Jones to win this game this morning, so I have that going for me. It seems that Team Homan always bounces back from losses.
Rachel Homan has a the Canadian Airforce Motto tattoo: Per ardua ad astra (Through adversity to the stars). This loss is the adversity she needs to fire her to the championship.

One thing about a Scotties or a Brier that a lot of people forget about is what a grind it is. Homan's team looked tired and Rachel Homan was coughing throughout the game and there are reports that team members have a few minor injuries that they're dealing with.
Not making excuses, but the whole event takes a toll physically and mentally. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back tonight versus Nova Scotia.
Talking about grinds, it will be back-to-back games for the Bluenosers, as they play in the afternoon draw.

The feature game at 2 p.m. will be PEI (4-4) versus Nova Scotia (3-4). Both teams are still in the playoff race. No word on what the feature game will be tonight at 7:30 p.m. Choices include British Columbia versus Saskatchewan or Team Ontario versus Nova Scotia.

Going into this morning's game, Team Ontario had won 31 straight games. That's impressive.

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