Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Other sports copying a curling idea

Other sports are looking at taking the best part of curling broadcasts.

Here's a story about a company promoting a new app/device that allows fans to hear the conversations between players and coaches.

Why can't curling do the same thing?

Just joking. One of the best parts of curling broadcasts is hearing the interaction between players. I can't imagine watching curling without it.

It will be hard for some sports, such as hockey and baseball to broadcast conversations due to strategy involved, but teams may be able to block some things.

From lfpress.com:

The app will feature channels where fans can choose between players or coaches to listen in on.
It will also feature a slight delay, so the team can block any strategy discussion such as between a pitcher and catcher on the mound, or a football team in a huddle, but can broadcast it after the play to show the strategy discussion, Failla said.
“It will not be open mic, the audio will go back to a production team to add elements. We now have a three-second delay but that can be made longer or shorter depending on what we want to accomplish,” he said.
It may also feature colour commentary on one channel.
“The whole idea is to get more people enjoying all kinds of sports,” Kool said.

I'm also guessing that you will hear stronger words than shitballs.

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