Friday, 22 February 2013

Stuff my daughter says about the Scotties

Stuff my daughter says

Due to my work, my curling, life and other things, I haven't spent a lot of time watching the Scotties this week until Thursday night. I've watched a few ends, but not a whole game from beginning to end. Last night I got a couple hours of viewing time.
It was a nice night, with the wife and kids watching a little curling. The only thing missing was some snacks. Grocery day is tomorrow and it was to cold (and I am lazy), so all we had to munch on was celery and cucumber. Mmm, celery.

My daughter is 11 years-old. She likes curling, but doesn't love it. She wanted to watch some other show, but since I am the boss we watched curling.

She had a lot of questions and comments. I decided to write some of them down.

“When that pregnant Saskatchewan curler has her baby, will the doctor and her husband tell her to hurry hard when she pushes? Maybe her skip can come in when she is in labour and yell at her to hurry hard.”

“How come the curlers get a fruit tray and other snacks in the middle of their game? In Little Rocks all we get is hot chocolate. If we got snacks I would want to curl more.”

“That British Columbia skip is short. I bet I am taller than she is.”

“Is that guy with the funny hat one of Team Ontario's players dad?”

Oh, the things that kids say.

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