Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Showdown day at Ontario Tankard

Showdown day at Ontario Tankard

It should be a busy day at the Dominion Tankard being held in Barrie. Three draws are taking place, so it will be a grind for curlers.

While things could easily change, it appears that a showdown between the two top teams--Team Howard and Team Epping is shaping up. Let the hype machine begin now. Two top teams in the province. Howard versus Howard. Young guns versus old guns. Two teams step onto the ice, but only one team steps off...okay, will hold back a bit.

Team Epping received a break, as they easily won 9-1 over Jake Higgs in just three ends. Having a quick win will help the team, as it will allow them to rest up and give them added confidence. Heading into the afternoon draw, Epping was 4-0. Team Howard was 4-0 heading into this morning.

Team Epping scored a seven-ender in the third end.

Organizers are expecting a large crowd for tonight's draw.

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