Sunday, 24 February 2013

Jones versus Homan

Jones versus Homan

Manitoba versus Ontario.

New guard versus Old(ish) guard.

The ultimate rubber match.

Who is going to win tonight? I have no idea, that's why I am going to watch. Either way you have to tip your hat at both teams.

British Columbia and Team Canada have both had their moments, but the two teams in the finals have been the cream of the crop at this year's Scotties.

Win or lose, you have to admire the play of Manitoba. For Jennifer Jones to come off of off-season knee surgery and then childbirth (or as the NHL would call it--a mid-body injury), is really impressive.

I've always been impressed with Jennifer Jones for her play on the ice and her demeanor off the ice and she has really stepped it up a level at this Scotties. Win or lose she has been a class act.

At the beginning of the Scotties I talked about Rachel Homan and how I think she and her team are the next big thing in women's curling, even going as far to compare her to a young Michael Jordan.

Win or lose, she has been impressive at the Scotties and made me sound like I knew what I was talking about when I said earlier that she is the next big thing. Team Homan has played well and gathered a large following.

If Homan loses tonight it will just fuel her fire. If she wins it will begin what will be, I believe, the start of an amazing career that has no limits on what they can achieve.

Anyway you slice it, curling fans are in for a treat tonight. I would be surprised if tonight's game is not close.

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