Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday at the Scotties

Tuesday at the Scotties

Here are a few more random thoughts on a Tuesday morning at the Scotties.

Homan Field Advantage
Rachel Homan and her team had a pair of tough games against British Columbia and New Brunswick. They were both close games, but Team Homan was able to pull them out. They are now 5-0.
Nothing wrong with a little adversity. Champions are made on adversity.

These women are nice
There are a lot of subtle differences between men's and women's curling. As my son and I were watching PEI and Saskatchewan last night he pointed out one of the differences—women curlers are a lot more positive and encouraging towards each other than men curlers.
He got a kick out of the high-fives and positive re enforcements that women gave out. A lot of team's motto seems to be, stay positive play positive.

TV today
TSN will be featuring British Columbia versus New Brunswick during the 2 p.m. draw. TSN hasn't said what the 7 p.m. game will be yet, but I think it will probably be Ontario versus Quebec.

Top of the heap
There are three teams that have undefeated records—Ontario, Team Canada and Manitoba. Obviously all three teams have played well, with all three looking dominate at times.
Saskatchewan had it's first loss last night, losing 12-7 to PEI, in what I  thought was a very entertaining game.
Tomorrow (Wednesday), will be an interesting day, as Manitoba takes on Team Canada and Ontario takes on Saskatchewan in the afternoon draw. Expect a standing shake up after Wednesday.
Ontario will showdown against Manitoba on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. in what should be an interesting duel.

Gender gap
The National Post has an interesting story about the lack of women coaches at the Scotties. If you asked me how many woman are coaching the 12 teams in Kingston, I would've guessed anywhere from four to seven.
Manitoba's Janet Arnott is the only woman coach at this year's Scotties. Now that I think of it, I see a lot of men coaches in junior women's curling as well.

I think Quebec lead Sasha Beauchamp, has a good theory:

Like, I’m just throwing it out there, maybe it’s just because the men are paternal figures?” Beauchamp said. “A coach is there to make rules and help guide you along. And usually it’s done with a firmer grip, if I can say that.”

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