Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bronze medal game isn't so bad

Bronze medal game isn't so bad

There is a lot of grumbling from players and media types about the Bronze medal game.
The game was brought in a couple years ago and most players don't like it because..., well, I am not sure. Best I can come up with is that players are tired and have hurt feelings because their championship dreams have been quashed.

It must suck for Team Canada to head out on the ice after a tough loss this morning to Manitoba. I get that. But think of the fans who want to be there. It means something to them.

One of my co-workers was a novice curling fan. When the Brier came to London a few years ago he couldn't make any of the early games because he worked during the week.
The only tickets he could score was to the Bronze medal contest. I didn't want to tell hm that the players were not exactly thrilled to be playing for third place.
He went and he had a great time. He said the game and the arena was buzzing and it was almost a full house. He went as a novice curling fan and came back as a full-fledged curling fan. Why is a packed house and strong television numbers for a Bronze medal game a bad thing?

Curlers need to look at the big picture and realize that fans want more curling. Sure, your feelings are hurt and if you're not first you're last, but if you're complaining about being forced to play in a Bronze medal game—that fans want to see—then you really don't have a lot of problems.

Fans want a Bronze medal game. Players went through provincial, a week long grind and then playoff games. What's one more game for the curling fans who have supported you during your run. You hear no grumbling in the Olympics about the Bronze medal, so why the fuss now?

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