Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Team Homan has next

Rachel Homan is next

I believe in Rachel Homan. I think she is the next big thing in women's curling.

I don't think anyone can disagree with me on that statement.

I think the Scotties in Kingston will be Team Homan's coming out party. 

Every year ESPN magazine has their next issue. It focuses on athletes in different sports who are the next big thing. Right now women's curling's next big thing it Team Homan. They are on the verge of dominating curling for a long, long time.

Homan's career arc reminds me of Michael Jordan. Right now she is where MJ was in 1986.

Jordan was highly recruited out of high school before going to North Carolina. Homan was a provincial curling champ out of Ontario.

It took Jordan a few years, and going up against established teams like Larry Bird's Celtics and the Detroit Pistons, but after the Bulls finally broke through after a few years and won six NBA championships. Homan made her Scotties debut in 2011 and lost in the bronze medal game. She might not win this year, or even next, but there is no doubt her team is the future of curling.

She has had some tough losses, such as last year's Ontario Scotties and the World Juniors. In turn it has made her more steely and given her a competitive fire. She has had success, but not crazy success—yet.

Team Homan has gone 21-1 at the Ontario Scotties the last two years and 31-2 in the last three years. But they haven't broke through. I believe that this is their year.

In the four Grand Slam's the team has went in so far this year, they've won one, lost twice in the finals and once in the semifinals.

Homan is athletic and she has experience. The bulk of the team has been together for almost half of their lives.

Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson. Team Homan has Earle Morris.

Women's curling is a bit different than men's curling. There is more parity in the women's game. However, with a dominating performance at the Scotties, Homan can change that.

This Scotties is being held in Kingston, just down the road from Team Homan's hometown of Ottawa. When Homan wins her sixth Scotties championship in 2023, (she will only be 34 years-old), we remember fondly that this is where it all started. It will be a fun ride to watch where this team is going.

Homan has next.

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