Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday at Ontario Tankard

Friday at Ontario Tankard

What a day at the Ontario Tankard.

It's deja vu all over again at the Ontario Tankard. Last year at Stratford you had something like 9 out of the 11 teams still in the playoff hunt and on Friday night it snowed like crazy.
Going into Friday at the Dominion Tankard in Barrie, a huge snowfall hit the area and nine out of 11 teams have an outside chance of making the playoffs.

After you get past Howard, Epping and Frans, there is a lot of parity amongst the remaining teams. All it takes for a team to advance is a little luck and for a team to get on a roll.

And after the upsets we saw last night (Prebble over Howard in an extra end), anybody can beat just about anybody on any given day.

Last year no tiebreakers were needed. Will be interesting to see if there will be tiebreakers this year, as a lot will depend on the Friday draws.

If you're driving around Barrie, keep that car on the road.

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