Thursday, 7 February 2013

One year to Sochi


Every four years curling in Canada and countries across the world experience a blip due to the Olympics.

I have to admit that it was three years ago where I really fell in love with curling watching Cheryl Bernard and Kevin Martin.

I liked curling before, but the 2010 Olympics changed me from a casual fan who would curl once or twice a year, to a dedicated fan.

The “Ice Cube” Curling Center will be the home of curling at the 2014 games.

Who will be Canada's representative?

On the men's side it's pretty easy. There is not the same amount of parity on the men's side as there is on the women's side.

Basically it comes down to Glenn Howard, Kevin Martin, Jeff Stoughton, Kevin Koe and Mike McEwen. Also known as the Big 5.

This will likely be the last run at the Olympics for Howard, Martin and Stoughton. I would expect all three to likely retire after next year or at least slow down.

There are a handful of teams that would be in the hunt: John Epping, Brad Gushue, Brock Virtue or Brad Jacobs, but if one of the Big 5 doesn't get in I would be surprised.

The women's side is a bit different:

There are anywhere from 9-15 possible contenders, and another 10 or so teams that at the very least have a shot of making it to the Olympic trials in Winnipeg in December.

It will be interesting to see the jockeying for a trip to the pre-trials in Kitchener in November.

Women favourites have to include Jennifer Jones, Rachel Homan, Stefanie Lawton and Heather Nedohin, but all it takes is one team starting to click at the right time and place.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

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