Monday, 28 January 2013

Why do curlers sacrifice so much?

Why do curlers sacrifice so much?

Why do elite curlers sacrifice so much?
Why do they work through the summer so they can take vacations in the winter?
Why do they practice every day?
Why do they miss family events?
Why do they miss their own kids' curling events?
Why do they travel across the country, just to return to work blurry-eyed on Monday morning.
Why do they jam themselves into minivans?
Why do they make sacrifices in their career. Passing up promotions and other moves that would get them further ahead both professionally and financially?
Why do they push themselves physically, just so they can get in good enough shape to sweep 100 ends in a span of six days?
Why do they keep up with the young guns?
Why go to a cold rink, when you can stay at home?
Why do they pay money out of their own pocket to compete?
Why put up with all the sacrifices?

Here's why: (h/t to CBC) this video of the Nova Scotia women's curling championships from this weekend. This is why it's all worth it. Those 10 seconds when you realize that it was all worth it. Feel the emotion. They are just as excited now as they were the first time they qualified for the Scotties.
It's a grind and it's a large sacrifice, but it's worth it.

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