Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The zen of curling begins now

If you like curling, and I assume you do because you clicked here, then this is the time of year that you love. (If you clicked here based on the title Hurry Hard and were expecting porn, you're in the wrong spot.)
Right now we're in the zen of curling. From now until the end of March they really pack in the curling. Provincials, Scotties, Briers, juniors, worlds...a lot is going on.
This is what I call the zen of curling. Everything comes together and curling is on television just about every weekend. Life is good.
Provincial finals will take place this weekend for women's curling in a handful of provinces, including Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI.
There is also a Grand Slam of Curling event as The National takes place at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre. Action starts tonight (Wednesday).
Eighteen of the best men's teams will be taking part. It will be on Sportsnet starting on Thursday.
A lot of the provincial women's finals will be on television this weekend as well.
The zen lasts about 11 weeks. Enjoy the zen while it lasts.

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