Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ontario curling and duct tape

Duct tape those nasty bits

As I watched the Ontario Scotties this past weekend I kept getting distracted.

It wasn't by the great curling, it wasn't by the athletes, it was by the duct tape on the curler's jackets that covered up sponsors.

The duct tape was almost screaming: "look at me!"

I will once again get distracted next week when I watch the action in Barrie when the Ontario Dominion Tankard teams hit the ice. The duct tape covering sponsors in just dumb. Fans know it. Curlers know it. It just seems silly for the Ontario Curling Association to force curlers to cover up sponsors.

Rules stipulate that only a certain number of sponsors (four or five) are allowed to be worn by curlers.

Let's be frank. Curling is not a large revenue sport. Sponsors are needed to help fund curlers. Except for Glenn Howard, almost all curling teams have local sponsors. They are mostly tasteful and are less of a distraction than duct tape. If it wasn't for sponsors a lot of teams couldn't afford to be in elite curling.

It's time for the OCA to come up with a solution. As a fan I don't want to see duct tape on curler's uniforms. It looks bush-league.

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