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Ryan Fry...he's okay in my books

Ryan Fry...he's okay in my books

I don't know Ryan Fry. Met the guy once and he gave me and my kids an autographed picture with him and Brad Gushue and Randy Ferbey. It's hanging up on my office wall.

Judging from this story, it seems that what he thought was a small gesture, meant the world to a little girl and her dad.

From the Victoria Times-Colonist:

He may not be a true world champion, suffering a loss with his Canadian teammates to Sweden on Sunday, but Ryan Fry will always be one in the eyes of two B.C. curling fans.

Fry will be forever be remembered for his generosity by Brad Sheridan and his five-year-old daughter, Georgia, who ventured over from the Lower Mainland during the 2013 Ford World Men’s Curling Championship in Victoria.
“She had never been to a sporting event before, let alone a curling match, but she was excited to cheer for Canada and we watched some games on television together before heading over,” Sheridan said in an email to the Times Colonist.
“We got to the arena a little early and I took her down to ice level. I pointed out the various teams including, of course, the Canadian group. We talked at the railing for a few minutes and had just turned away to go and find our seats when I heard, ‘Here, sweetheart, this is for you.’ ”
That’s when Sheridan turned around, with Georgia in his arms, and saw Fry was giving his daughter his broom.
“She was more astute than I was and was able to say thank you,” Sheridan said. “I was too stunned to do anything.”
Fry then rejoined his team in the warmup.
“It was an incredible gesture and had a profound impact on both of us,” Sheridan added of the encounter that took place prior to Canada’s win over Russia. “Georgia carried the broom with her everywhere that day, being careful that it didn’t touch the floor while she carried it.
“She absolutely could not wait to show it to her mom, running into the house when she got home,” he said. “She has spoken about it every day since.
“I will try and find an address for Mr. Fry so that I can contact him to say thank you, but this amazing act of kindness and thoughtfulness will stay with both of us forever,” Sheridan said. “This was a class act by a Canadian champion.”

It's gestures like this that make a youngster a curling fan for life. I know part of the reason why my son likes curling is was because a junior curler (who later represented Canada at a junior world championship) spent some time with him at Little Rocks and went above and beyond in encouraging him on.

Little things mean a lot.

Like I said, I don't know Ryan Fry, but he seems like a classy guy. The reason I am a curling fan is because of stories like this.

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