Sunday, 7 April 2013

Getting hot at the right time

Getting hot at the right time

I read somewhere, and I forget now where I read it, where they compare the Brad Jacobs rink with a hockey team getting on a roll during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

It' a pretty adept analogy, as Jacobs' team kinda stumbled into the playoffs, but they look like they're hitting their stride now.

It's important for a curling team to peak at the right time. It looks like this team is peaking.

Final is tonight at 7pm (EST).

For a detailed game summary, read this story from Victoria Times-Colonist.

UPDATE: Should also mention game is on TV. I will also try and live blog or tweet (@hurryhardblog) if my kids don't steal the TV or if the dog continues to drive me nuts wanting outside every 10 minutes.

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