Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ferbey's Jacket

Ferbey's Jacket

If you're like me and you browse Kiijii or eBay for curling memorabilia, make sure you keep on the lookout for Randy Ferby's jacket.

Here's the Edmonton Sun story about Ferby's stolen jacket.

Mounties in Strathcona County need help tracking down a thief who stole a sentimental jacket that belongs to a Sherwood Park curling star.

Someone broke into a vehicle that was parked in the Clarkdale Meadows neighbourhood of Sherwood Park March 11 and stole a blue Team Alberta Curling jacket that belongs to Edmonton-area curler Randy Ferbey.

The jacket is blue in colour with yellow trim and it has eight purple hearts sewn on the left sleeve.
The purple hearts represent the eight appearances the curler has been in the Brier.

The jacket also has “FERBEY” embroidered across the back.

Jeez, I guess if the thief is stupid enough to steal it, he would be stupid enough to wear it around.

“The jacket is extremely valuable to the owner as it holds sentimental value from his experiences representing Alberta and Canada at major curling events,” said Strathcona County RCMP spokesman Wally Henry in a release.

Ferbey, who is now retired, has played in eight Briers, six world championships, four Continental Cups.

He is a six-time Canadian champ and a four-time world champ.

Just a question, and in no way am I trying to judge, but why leave something so valuable in your car? Does Ferbey still wear it around?

Either way, let's hope the person who stole this does the right thing and bring it back and quietly leaves the jacket on his porch overnight.

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